"Continuing to Build a Better Minnesota"


An investment in education is an investment in the future growth of our state and nation. Research has shown that investment in early childhood education is the best, most efficient policy with the greatest return. If our children are to compete in the global marketplace, we need to continue our state’s legacy of having the best education system in the nation. Jim will make it a top priority to relieve skyrocketing college tuition costs.

Honest, Active Leadership

Jim stands for honest, active leadership. He understands that doing the people’s business requires a full-time commitment. Minnesotans deserve a strong voice in the State Senate.

Jobs and Economic Growth

We have to invest in creating a strong economic infrastructure that includes the Univerity of Minnesota, research and development, scientific innovation, and business expansion. Jim will work creatively to promote and develop new economic opportunities in Minnesota. He believes that a rising tide must lift all boats, and a growing economy must create family-supporting jobs to expand the middle class.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Citizens and businesses are demanding a real commitment to our district’s infrastructure. Jim will be a strong voice for innovative solutions to reduce congestion and adequately fund roads

Fiscal Responsibility

Honest government means honest accounting of real needs and resources. Jim supports pay as you go government, not gimmicks, not smoke-and-mirrors accounting. Our children cannot succeed carrying a mountain of debt.

Property Taxes

Homeowners and property owners deserve a strong voice in state government. Jim will fight for a fair and equitable solution to the property tax problem to reduce the burden on working families.

Health Care

Rising health care costs are one of the greatest threats to our economy and Minnesota families; those costs are destroying the ability of American companies to compete in the international marketplace. Jim will work for creative reforms to make the health care system work for all Minnesotans.